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My goal is optimal wellness and peace for myself! Hoping to keep myself motivated by posting here daily.

I am a research assistant on a Health Psychology research team and am hoping to implement some of the things our research has found and that our programs seek to accomplish.

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Hello! This is my fitness blog that I gave up on because exercise is hard and burritos are delicious. You are probably looking for my main blog.

My url is androidwitch now.

Happy blogging!

Anonymous said: so what source do you have on the Young justice show getting canceled because of gender shit? This is an outrages claim and Id like it from a reliable source, not a blog site or rumor site.


. I realize the way that I worded it could have been better, I made it when I was sort of angry about all of it, but this article is what I’m talking about. Sorry that I seem so “outrageous”

Lately I’ve hit a huge slump with my diet improvements (found a huge passion for improving my cardio though!) but this graphic I found on this post really made a healthy diet seem much more manageable! My biggest barrier is getting rid of all the empty carbs or replacing them with whole-grain options; I love bread products and can’t turn down a dessert D:

The past two days have been fun and relaxing, but not much physical activity was had. ^^; Luckily, to make up for it, I’ve been trying a bunch of new food ideas! I like the idea of melting reduced-fat cheese on tortilla chips (carefully selected to make sure the sodium and fat aren’t too high!) with pieces of tomato to make “nachos!” While they’re not as gooey or exciting as the kind at Moe’s, they satisfy the craving nicely and are still pretty yummy. Also had a lemonade-berry slush; ice, lemonade, and mixed berries in a blender makes a drink that I could literally drink exclusively for the rest of my life. Finally, with potatoes, lean ground meat, peas, and a little cheese, shepherd’s pie is surprisingly filling while providing me with the protein, dairy, and fast carbs I need for days when I work out to ensure I’m building muscle and not losing too much weight.

Also drank a full 5 bottles of water today!! Finally getting up to the suggested daily intake, lol.

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I’ve never seen a Samus cosplay but DAMN!!! :’D 


Follow me to add a touch of turquoise to your dash!


Follow me to add a touch of turquoise to your dash!

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